Step up platforms can be a great addition to your home gym

Aerobic Stepper Cardio Fitness Training Step Board 

No Gym Membership, No Problem: These Space-Saving Workout Essentials Have You Covered

The Step Workout is a simple, but highly effective way to work not only your buttocks and legs, but your cardiovascular system and upper body as well! They allow you to do step aerobics exercises, which get your heart rate up and strengthen your leg muscles — making them also useful for people recovering from knee surgeries or lower leg injuries

It can sculpt your entire body step by step with the Step Workout system

When you use all four risers, it doubles as a makeshift weight-lifting bench.

Abs Carver allows you to glide in different directions thus allowing you to target all your core muscles and abs

Key Benefits?

Benefit #1: Cardiovascular Health

Several studies have shown that engaging in 1 hour of step aerobics is roughly equal to running 7 miles. We don’t mean jogging 7 miles, we mean running 7 miles at a very fast pace. Step Aerobics is a fantastic way to get both your lungs and your heart to work at an increased rate.

Therefore step aerobics causes your muscles to have more stamina, to grow quicker, and to recover faster too. This is combined with the fact that aerobic exercise helps your lungs process oxygen better, yet another factor which leads to increased cardiovascular health and an easier time working out as well.

Benefit #2: Musculoskeletal Health

our musculoskeletal health has to do with the density and strength of your bones, hence the word skeletal being present. In other words, doing step aerobics can increase your bone health and ward off problems in the future.

Step aerobics is a weight bearing exercise, the type of exercise which is best for increasing bone mass and bone density. This is because weight bearing exercises such as stepping up and down like with step aerobics forces your bones to generate more mass.

Benefit #3: Step Aerobics Is Low Impact

Low impact exercises are defined as those which make you keep 1 foot on the ground at all times, therefore lowering the stress and impact on your joints. There are some studies which show that high impact exercises are good for the joints and can make them stronger, which may be true in some cases. Yet this is only true for people that have healthy joints to begin with and may actually make them stronger.

However, for people that already suffer from bone and joint problems such as osteoporosis, high impact exercises like running can cause more harm than good. People who have weak ankles or knees or for those who suffer from degenerative bone diseases definitely want to engage in low impact exercises as opposed to high impact ones. The same is true for beginners who are not used to strenuous exercise.

step aerobics is that it can actually come in the form of both a high impact and low impact exercise. You can engage in moderate step aerobics which is classified as low impact or you can step things up, make your routine more intense, and turn your step aerobics routine into a high impact affair.

Benefit #4: Weight Loss

Since step aerobics is a form of cardiovascular exercise and weight bearing exercise, the number of calories that you burn with a good routine is outstanding. Step aerobics burns a lot of calories, thus keeping them off of your belly and waistline. Plus if you burn more calories than you consume, you will also burn off existing fat.

It is shown that a 45 minute of step aerobics can help you burn up to 450 calories. Keep in mind that the number of calories burned from step aerobics does depend on the intensity of your routine, but even a simple routine can burn several hundred calories.

That means that you can eat an extra burger every day without gaining weight, that or you can have a good diet and actually trim down on your belly fat. High-impact step aerobics is one of the best ways in which you can burn fat and lose weight. If you want to burn as many calories as possible you need to step up and down faster, plus you need to increase the height of the steps as well.

Why Choose AB CARVER Watch Now!

  • The Ab Carver Pro is more efficient in building six pack definition than a standard ab roller as it provides some resistance through the coil inside the roller. And indeed, if you try to roll the Ab Carver Pro in your hand you will feel the resistance of the coil working against you.


    On the floor the resistance feels more subtle as you are working against the spring with your whole bodyweight. Admittedly, the Ab Carver Pro provides a more stable platform to lean against as opposed to thinner, less meaty rollers. For the same reason, I feel it actually requires less core strength to work the Ab Carver Pro as it is much easier to hold your pose when the roller is heavier and wider, not to mention to resistance that also helps stabilisation


Resistance Rolling Out

Patented carbon steel spring mechanism provides resistance while rolling out, increasing activation of core and abdominal muscles.

Assistance on the Way Back

The mechanism offers a small amount of assistance when rolling back to the starting position, which allows users to extend farther while minimizing pressure on the lower back.

Ultra-wide Wheel

The ultra-wide, spherical wheel allows users to carve left or right to engage all sets of abdominals, including oblique muscles. The increased wheel width offers stability and balance.

Applicable - men, women, beginners, professional person

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