Introducing The Ab Swing System!

The Ab Swing provides an effective means of exercising your abdominal muscles. You can perform a variety of ab exercises on the Ab Swing, including those that work your upper abs, lower abs and obliques. Your obliques are your side ab muscles.

How It Works

AB Swing System’ technology contracts your abs from the bottom up. The design automatically puts you in an upright position, off the floor. This position is natural and provides an expanded full range of motion: your muscles flex and stretch in a single movement. Plus the abdominal muscles are isolated! You target your lower abs, upper abs, and side obliques, while stretching your lower back.? The AB Swing System has made getting results quick and easy.

Getting Started

When first using the Ab Swing, position yourself on the device by lowering yourself into the seat pad with your buttocks as far back on the pad as possible. Place both feet under the foot rest unit with your knees bent. If you do not have a bend in your knees, readjust the footrest extension for your height.

If you’re an intermediate user, position yourself in the middle of the Ab Swing seat pad. Advanced users can increase the intensity of the exercise by moving to the third range on the Ab Swing, which is the downward-most end of the seat pad.


Keep your feet locked in position when you’re exercising in the Ab Swing.


Basic Form and Movement

Sitting in an upright position with your back straight, lift your legs towards your torso, contracting your abdominal muscles. You’ll engage the lower portion of the abs at first, while at the top of the movement, your upper ab region activates.

Hold for two seconds at the top of the motion while contracting all of the muscles of the abdominal wall.

Slowly release from the position by lowering your legs and feet back towards the ground, without touching down. Perform 10 to 20 reps in each set. Perform two sets for the beginner level, three sets for intermediate and four sets for advanced.


Targeted Movements

Do the following exercises to put more emphasis on specific regions of your abs:

Lower Ab Crunch: Grasping the handles, lift your legs toward your torso for each repetition. Your pelvis should remain stable. At the end of each set, you may want to rest in the down position.

Upper Ab Crunch: Lean your upper body slightly forward with each crunch. Lift your legs toward your torso for each repetition. Your pelvis should remain stable.

Oblique Crunch: Twist the body slightly to the side, leaving only one buttock on the seat. Lift your legs toward your torso for each repetition. Keep your pelvis stable.


Taming a big stomach requires both work and abdominal exercises.


Leg Extension

The leg extension exercise on the Ab Swing is intended for advanced training only.

Adjust the leg bars so your legs are straight rather than bent.

Position your behind on the seat — on the upper third if you’re a beginner, the middle if you’re intermediate, and the downward-most third if you’re advanced. Lock in your feet and lift your legs toward your torso for each repetition. Keep your pelvis from moving.

Do 10 to 20 repetitions for each seat. Do two to three sets at the beginner level, three for intermediate and four for advanced.

The AB Swing uses gravity and gliding technology to tone the obliques, lower, and upper abdominal muscles.The key to using the AB Swing effectively is to position your body to isolate the abdominal muscles you are trying to improve.

Work Your Obliques

In order to work your obliques on the AB Swing, sit at an angle in the chair with your body weight resting on only one side of your buttocks. Grab the handlebars and make sure that your feet are securely planted on the foot rest. When you do the swing crunch motion in this body position, your obliques will be isolated. After you do one side, transfer your body weight to the opposite side of your buttocks and work the other side of your obliques.


Work Your Lower Abdominal Muscles

Sit on the AB Swing facing forward, hold onto the handlebars or hold your hands in the air, and place your feet firmly on the foot rest. To get the best workout for your lower abdominal muscles on the AB Swing, do leg lifts. Keeping your legs straight, lift your legs on the swing as high as you can. Repeat a set of 10-12 leg lifts three to four times every other day.


Work Your Upper Abdominal Muscles

Sit down on the AB Swing in the same position as you would for working your lower abdominal muscles. This time, instead of lifting your legs up, use your upper abs to crunch downward. Crunch forward as far as you can using your upper abdominal muscles. Repeat a set of 10-12 crunches three to four times every other day.



Great piece of equipment. I was able to get started w/ just a few assembly item. all I had to do was install the handles and adjust the footrest to my height and was on my way. by sliding my rear up or down I was able to adjust the level of the workout. I don't use this machine every day, but can really feel the effect of the workout om my abs and also my lower back. all in all this is a great exercise machine and well worth the buy


Its easily stored and ready for use. It is silent (so you can watch TV or listen to music) and really, really works the tummy, leg and arm muscles! I am loving it!

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