Targets your Upper Abs, Lower Abs, and Side Obliques with One Simple Exercise Machine!

"You" Can Now Eat as much as You Want and Still Maintain Perfect Body!

The Ab Coaster  is an innovative exercise machine with stationary handles and movable seat that slides on smooth, curved rails, feels something like doing an ab crunch and a hanging leg raise.
You can do a tough effective ab workout, in a kneeling position, you swoop forward and upward contracting your abs and pulling up your hips and knees.

Target your abs from the bottom up. Get in great shape riding the ab coaster!



The Ab Coaster also features a multi-angle adjustable seat to help you work your love handles and plate-loading posts to add extra weights for advanced users.



Unlike traditional crunches, which work your abs from the “top down,” the Ab Coaster PS500 works your abs from the “bottom up,” while limiting stress to your neck, back and shoulders




Stop Wasting Time And Effort.




 ✔GET A COMPLETE CORE WORKOUT – Target hard to reach lower abs with bottom up motion. Freestyle swivel seat allows you turn and work on troublesome love handles.


✔Perfect for any size, age, and fitness level


✔Easy-adjust resistance from 24lbs to 48lbs per side


✔PERFECT FOR IN HOME USE – The sleek design allows it to fit in a compact space. Easy assembly and detailed instructions will have you set up in minutes!


✔HIGH QUALITY AND DURABILITY – All Steel Construction.


✔For users up to 150 kg


✔Reduces abdominal fat, tone the abdominal muscles


✔Very easy to use


The Ab Coaster makes this difficult exercise possible for anyone to perform!


Not Minding Your Weight or size,

Target your Upper Abs, Lower Abs, and Side Obliques with One Simple Exercise Machine (Ab Coaster) !And Get The Perfect Body Within 14 Days


Key Features

  • Dual-resistance Design: Your muscles are firing throughout the entire range of motion, on the way down as well as on the way up!
  • Ergonomic Design: Its unique ergonomic design focuses the resistance like a laser right on your upper, middle, lower abs and your obliques, so there’s no wasted effort or wasted time!
  • Blast Away Your Waistline: You can blast away your waistline by adding a tuck to work the lower abs.
  • Target Your Obliques: It even has a built in twisting seat so you can target your obliques.
  • Strong Build Quality: All Steel Construction, 1.5″ Rails, Steel Bearings, Vinyl Covered Molded Foam Pads, 150kg Weight Capacity 

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