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Two exercise machines in one to work abdomen and cardiovascular system, with 360° movement from the comfort of home


Do You See Celebrities With Their Photoshopped Hot Looks and You Wish You Could Be as hot and Ripped as them?

Search No More My Friend, The Abs Fitness Bike Will Both Tone And Shredd Your Abs And core With So Much Ease And you Will get That Result in a Very Short Period Of Time. NO HARD WORK, NO LONG WAIT, VERY AFFORDABLE.

Unlike anything you have ever tried before Ab Bike brings different ab and core workout machines into one. The revolutionary low impact, high powered 360 degree core and cardio workout system Work in a full range of motion that involves a myriad of muscles that will get you results. customers get result so fast because it targets the abs with intense pressure

 It is designed as a bottom up workout function which is different from other abs crunch machine. It can be used to work out the shoulders, back, arms, and legs at the same time providing a more efficient way of working out . It also offers a contoured padded cushion for supporting arms and legs during workout. This machine is so versatile and can be used for a complete fitness routine or as an abdominal trainer.

It's Time To Stop The Long wait and Difficult Plan, Give Us The Chance To Get That Hot Body Fast And Easy With The new, scarce but very effective Ab Bike

Watch This Very Short Video To See The Awesomeness Of The Revolutionary 360-degree Cardio and Training system

The Optimum Goal Is To Get That Ripped Chiselled Abs That Makes You Look Hot And Cool 

The Rotational movement targets the side core of the abdomen. It hits difficult areas that never gets attention and rips out excess fat totally. Unlike other fitness tools, the Ab bike has a unique way of focusing on burning excess fat

This happens because of the intense pressure this amazing tool has on the abdomen, arms, hips, butt and legs. The bike is designed to build the body faster than any other fitness tool out there.

More benefis you Start To Enjoy if You Get an AB Bike Today

You Get To Tone and get amazingly fit but it doesn't end there, you need to see some of the health benefits involved

Reduced lower back pain

Lower back pain is a problem affecting many people from all backgrounds. Weak abdominal muscles contribute to increased lower back pain. Lower back muscles that are not exercised become rigid in the joint areas and may lead to chronic lower back pain.

Improved health

help in reducing body fat, a problem associated with many lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity. By increasing muscle mass in the abdominal region, the body metabolism increases and more fats are burned. This leads to a trimmer, leaner body

Multiple workout level

If you are looking to actually lose weight, then variety is key. Try a nice balanced workout that includes plenty of cardiovascular exercise, some resistance training for overall strength and of course, remember to work those abs! and the ABs bike is prfect for that

Confidence and good posture

Abs workouts strengthen the muscles around the spine and improve posture as the body’s weight is correctly distributed. Having a good posture is key in increased confidence and good health for the spine.

Increased Strenght and respiration

Building strength and endurance in these muscles is essential as it creates benefits such as improved posture, reduced back pain, improved balance and stability and potentially assistance with breathing.

Full body workout

The AB bike exercises the abdomen, arms, back, waist, buttocks and legs

You think this is not for you? or you think it is just like other fitness tools out there that puts you through so much hard work, pain and stress but still give little or no Results?

Do You See How The Abs Bike Focuses So Much Pressure On The Abdomen? With This Kind Of Impact, You Only Need 20mins Daily For 2 Weeks To get A Shredded 6 packs abs Guaranteed!!!

This normal Price For the Revolutionary 360-degree Cardio and Training system is ₦230,000

But if You Place Order Today You Will Get It For ₦190,000

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